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Phase 2: On-boarding

Onboard Services and Impact Agents

2022: Phase 1 - Define Need & Develop Solution

Early 2022, the DAY1DADS Impact Foundation decided to invest in the development of a digital hub; this hub would be a connect point between Fathers and their Families with support resources and community impact partners.

2023: Phase 2 - Onboard Impact Partners

With the completion of the first phase of the D1D Impact Hub late 2022, the focus is to ONBOARD impact partners and support services. This free service offers organizations the ability to reach a growing community of Fathers.

2024: Phase 3 - Provide Access to Fathers

When Phase 2 on-boarding has achieved an acceptable level of support services, resources and impact partners listed in the Hub, the focus will shift to opening up access to the Fathers. The target launch of Phase 3 is in the first quarter of 2024 (if not sooner).


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